Toyota Service Concept

We do not only provide you with quality products, but also with quality service. Customer satisfaction is our number-one priority, and we do everything we can to meet your expectations. That’s why we apply the Toyota Service Concept, a structured approach to optimise our services thanks to 12 key values.


Through accreditation, we ensure that our service activities are in line with Toyota standards.


Responsiveness is the priority when your operation is down. This means getting your business up and running quickly and efficiently.


No matter where you are you can rely on our high service standard and accurate time assurances.


Jidoka is about making problems visible. We take all your problems seriously and resolve them as quickly and safely as possible.

Genchi Genbutsu

"To go and see”, so we can truly understand the real-life situation and solve each issue.

Exact fit

We aim to be an exact fit for your needs. With the right people, the right skills, the right parts and the right agreements.


Trusting our continuous improvement philosophy, a principle of the Toyota Way and our TPS system, rest assured that we are always working to improve the quality of our service.

Poka yoke

Poka Yoke is a mechanism or process designed to avoid mistakes. By constantly upgrading the quality of spare parts and checking them before shipping, we ensure the right part will be delivered in time.


Thanks to our commitment to long-term and strategic planning, you can be confident that we will meet your requirements not only tomorrow but also over the years to come.

Eliminating waste

We always focus on elimination of waste and minimising our own impact on the environment.

Real-time info

Our technicians have online access to all information needed for the job. This allows you to always rely on efficient and high-quality service with minimum downtime.


Heijunka levels the workload and creates a smooth workflow. That’s why planning and scheduling each visit is our priority.

Toyota Produktionssystem

In allen unseren Werken setzen wir auf schlanke Produktionsprozesse und fertigen nach dem „Pull-Prinzip“. Das heißt, wir produzieren ausschließlich das, was Sie bestellt haben.

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Unsere Service-Pakete halten Ihre Stapler leistungsfähig und in permanenter Betriebsbereitschaft. Wir helfen Ihnen, das Maximum aus Ihrer Flotte rauszuholen und geben Ihnen die nötige Sicherheit, die Sie für Ihr Geschäft brauchen!

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Two men talking in front of a service van

Case Study: STEP and ASEC

ASEC and STEP programmes improve customer experience and are a crucial part of the Toyota Service Concept. 

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Kommen Sie in unser Team

Der Schlüssel zur Optimierung unserer Produkte und Arbeitsweise liegt in der Zusammenarbeit mit Menschen, die genauso leidenschaftlich wie wir über Logistik und Technik denken.

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